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What is the Game of Shields? The Game of Shields is a complete system for introducing politics into your campaign. Many players love political intrigue and would like to include politics into their role-playing games.…

101 Prophecies for your game. And a complete system on how to use prophecies in a way that works better with RPG's.

With Runestone Puzzles you can create an infinite amount of puzzles of any difficulty level. Having infinite possibilities means you will always have an original puzzle at hand.

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Explore the four races: Orc, Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling and their rich culture in this series of floor puzzles and matching card games.

Rune puzzles can be easily dropped onto doors, maps, treasure chests and magic items. Instantly change your favorite sword into a rune inscribed magic item that can only be activated by solving the puzzle.

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