Rpg puzzles

In need of a lock puzzle? How about five hundred? With lock puzzles you can seal doors, treasure chests, arcane tomes and those pesky denizens from the underworld.

Not a puzzle exactly, the Fortuneteller RPG Tarot is a beautiful deck of cards, illustrated by Della Rocca in 1835. It is one of the most famous examples of Italian tarot cards design. This pack…

Discover secret recipes and ingredients, solve puzzles and concoct your own potions, inks, oils, perfumes, dyes and polishes. This pack comes with forty-five potion puzzles for your convience.

Has your star cruiser taken damage? Do your cargo bay doors refuse to close? Or is your android on the fritz again? In scifi settings technology has a tendency to break down. But fear not!…

For centuries Statues of the Four Headed Lion, have appeared on ancient hillsides and in ruins long forgotten. Recently the statues have come alive! A laser puzzle for all ages.

Rpg puzzles and you

Rpg puzzles add great variety and flavour to your game if they are done correctly. But to design a puzzle and display it in an immersive way, can be quite demanding. In fact, as a GM, it is probably the one thing you can’t do on the fly.

If you play games like dungeons and dragons or pathfinder, you can always open a resource book to find a monster. But for rpg puzzles there are few resource books. Also, describing puzzles works much better with visual aids. That is why I started creating them myself.

Surprise players with a visual puzzle. It’s the perfect way to introduce something tactile that adds to the ambience of the overall game. And it’s a great way to change things up as well.

Of course, puzzles work better if they:

  • Make sense in your campaign world.
  • Challenge players, but not so much that they get stuck.
  • Are both meaningful to the story and the characters.
  • Are solved cooperatively.
  • Challenge both the players and their characters.

Puzzle design

I design rpg puzzles with these things in mind. Furthermore, on my blog I will post many topics that help you get the most out of your puzzles. There, I discuss how you can combine puzzles with other challenges like traps or monsters. How to avoid getting stuck. And how to adjust the difficulty level on the fly.

Besides puzzles I also create related resources. There are prophecy decks, riddles, and all sorts of non-combatant stuff to diversify your campaigns. Because, I like slaying dragons as much as the next player. But how many dragons can you slay? I thought these creatures were supposed to be rare?

In conclusion, experienced players can be hard to impress. But with a puzzle, you are guaranteed to introduce something they have never seen before.

I hope you enjoy this site!

– Paul

Rpg puzzles